How to add in HS Codes / COO through Shopify

There are customs declaration requirements that you must adhere to when sending items overseas, especially to European Union (EU) member states. The table below shows which Australia Post products and services these requirements apply to.

You can refer to this resource from Australia Post for more information on these requirements.

You can easily access the HS code for your products by following these steps in Shopify's Products section:

1. Navigate to Shopify > Products.

2. In the Shipping section, select 'Include customs information for international shipping.'

3. Specify the country of origin (where the item is manufactured).

4. Begin searching for the product by entering relevant keywords or a product description.

Remember to save any changes you make. From then on, whenever a customer places an order for that product, the HS code and Country of Origin (COO) will be automatically included for your convenience 😊