Legacy Plan users

As we've grown and developed new features, some of our legacy plan users may feel a touch left behind.

One change that we can make available to you, our legacy user, is single order fulfilment.

What does this mean?

The new 'simplified fulfilment process', allows you to create shipments from the Orders screen. You no longer need to create fulfilment groups and all the steps are managed within one screen.
Feedback from users who ship single orders is this process is much better and enables to you to print labels much quicker.
Also, if you need to search for a previously fulfilled order, you can search by order number on the Orders screen (instead of having to look through all the fulfilment groups you created). 

Who does this suit?

Our users who are currently on the older Legacy interface, but only ship one order at a time and have no use for fulfilment groups. 

Take a sneak peek:

Sign me up! How do I switch over?

Reach out to support@addition.app with your Shopify URL and request "Activate Simplified Fulfilment", it's that easy!