eParcel Plus - Getting Started

You will need to connect the Shipping & Tracking API details provided by Australia Post.  If you don't already have the API key and Password, follow these next steps to request these details.

  1. Register for a Developer account on the Australia Post Developer platform.
    https://developers.auspost.com.au/register. If you have an account already setup, you can simply login.
  2. While logged into your developer account, register for the Shipping & Tracking API.
    When registering for the Shipping & Tracking API, make sure you select "Addition" as your integration platform. This will ensure your account is registered against our service and save you from having to run through the testing process.
  3. Within 1-2 business days you will receive an email with your production credentials.


Connect your Shipping & Tracking API

  1. From the Addition app, click into Settings on the left hand menu and select Accounts
  2. Select Link next to eParcel and enter your account details from the PDF file you would have received

Example of an eParcel account connection:

eParcel API details example.png

If you have any issues you can send the PDF file with your Australia Post Customer Number to support@addition.com.au. Be sure to include your myshopify.com domain so we know which is your store.

Once your eParcel account is connected we recommend reviewing: