eParcel Plus Bulk Fulfilment

Bulk fulfilment is now available for our eParcel (ParcelSend) users on the eParcel Plus plan!

Once you've connected your eParcel (ParcelSend) account to Addition, you can create fulfilment groups and bulk print labels for your shipments.

As an eParcel Plus user it is recommended you setup your Shipping Automation rules to make the fulfilment process quicker and easier.

Work through this series of steps to start fulfilling orders:

Begin Fulfilment

  1. From the Addition dashboard click Orders and select orders you want to fulfill
  2. Select Create a new fulfilment group
  3. Give the group a title and Save

Complete Step 1 - Create Shipments

  1. Correct any error messages
  2. Select a different package, or change the delivery service if required
  3. Select all the orders and click Create Shipments

Your shipments will automatically move to Step 2

Complete Step 2 - Print labels & Order Manifest

  1. Next, select orders and click Print labels
    1. Note: It can take a couple of minutes for labels to generate, retry after a minute if an error message is encountered
  2. Next, select orders and click Order Manifest
    1. Note: You will not be able to generate the manifest if you have not printed labels first
  3. (Optional) Select orders and from 'More Actions' dropdown, select Print Packing slips
  4. Final step, select the orders and click Fulfil Orders in Shopify
    1. Note: Ensure you have printed labels and produced the manifest, before fulfilling orders

Click Step 3 to view all the fulfilled orders in the group

Once your orders are fulfilled, your orders will move to Step 3 - you can refer back to this screen at anytime to review the shipment details.