Sending your orders on the Pro and Pro Plus Plans

First, you will need to connect your MyPost Business account to Addition, then you can create fulfilment groups and bulk print labels for your shipments.

As a Pro and Pro Plus user, it's recommended you setup your Shipping Automation rules to make the fulfilment process quicker and easier.

Option 1 - Bulk fulfillment with "fulfillment groups"


Begin Fulfilment

  1. From the Addition dashboard click Orders and select orders you want to fulfill
  2. Select Create a new fulfilment group
  3. Give the group a title and Save

Complete Step 1 - Create Shipments

  1. Correct any error messages
  2. Select a different package, or change the delivery service if required
  3. Select all the orders and click Create Shipments

Your shipments will automatically move to Step 2

Complete Step 2 - Pay & Print labels

  1. Select the orders and click Pay for Shipments
  2. Select the orders and from the More Actions drop down options, select Print Shipping labels Note: It can take a couple of minutes for labels to generate, retry after a minute if an error message is encountered
  3. (Optional) Select the orders and from More Actions dropdown options, select Print Packing slips
  4. Final step, select the orders and click Fulfil Orders in Shopify

Click Step 3 to view all the fulfilled orders in the group

Once your orders are fulfilled, your orders will move to Step 3 - you can refer back to this screen at anytime to review the shipment details.

Option 2 - Sending a single order

  1. From the Addition dashboard navigate to the Orders screen
    • Here, you can review the list of orders and their statuses in real-time.
    • Unfulfilled or Partially fulfilled orders are highlighted in orange (if you see Fulfilled orders on this screen, it means they have not yet been archived in Shopify).
    • Valid addresses are marked with a green tick. You can correct any address issues by clicking on the address and hitting the edit button
  2. Click "Ship"on the right of the screen.
  3. Select the account (if you have multiple accounts, these will appear in the drop down options)
  4. Select package you want to send the order in and if applicable, fix any error messages that appear on the screen
  5. Scroll down to select the desired delivery service (e.g. Express, Parcel Post).
  6. Save and Create the shipment.
  7. Select 'Manifest Shipment' to pay for the label
  8. Select 'Print Label', the shipping label PDF will download to your browser
  9. Click 'Fulfill Order' when ready.
    • Addition will update the Shopify order status and send automated tracking emails (from Shopify and AustraliaPost) to the customer.