Tracking numbers are wrong in Shopify/in emails to customers

We only see this issue when orders are created in Addition and then edited within the Australia Post portal.

Yes, unfortunately the smallest change like editing the customer's name, or changing the parcel the order will be sent it, will produce a completely new tracking number.

When you edit shipments in the AusPost portal (either MyPost or eParcel/Parcel Send), AusPost creates a new tracking number but never sends that back to Addition and/or Shopify - hence the erroneous tracking numbers.

How do I fix the tracking number?

Unfortunately if you've made edits/reviewed a shipment in the AusPost portal, you will need to copy the tracking number AusPost created and update the Shopify order itself, with the new tracking number.


How to avoid this going forward?

Besides the obvious (don't make changes after a shipment has been created in Addition), we suggest managing the fulfilment process completely within the Addition app and making all changes within the 'Create Shipment' step. If a mistake has been made, delete the shipment you just created and make the necessary changes in Addition.

Avoid going into the AustraliaPost portal until you have completed the entire fulfilment process (i.e. hitting the "Fulfill orders" button in Addition).