Moving from Starter or Basic plan? Check out the Pro and Pro+ features

The team at Addition have made it their mission to seek customer feedback and continue to roll out improvements to our Pro and Pro+ users.

If you are considering moving from a Starter or Basic plan, you might want to see these features in action.  Check out the below for insights!

Shipment Rules and the Automations feature:

Implement an unlimited amount of automated rules for shipping orders based on shipping service, shipping country, item weight or price!  Do certain groups of orders require signature upon delivery? Do you want to fulfill international deliveries using a particular shipping service? Perhaps your larger SKUs can only be packaged in a certain sized box.
Instead of repeatedly filling in these details for each order fulfillment shipping automations let’s you do just that, automate.

Once you have established your Shipping automation rules, get ready for the ‘Automations’ button, which will create all of your shipments for you.

Rate Customisation:

From mates rates to higher rates for those far flung places - custom rates is a simple but efficient tool that lets you create as many rates rules as you need by postcode or region, item weight, shipping service, by product and more. Have the right rate applied at checkout every time.