Custom Rate Rules - Set up guide

With Custom Rate Rules you have more control over the rates you charge at your checkout.  Choose whether to increase or decrease rate calculations based on the Destination Country, State or Postcode, hide Express Post or Parcel Post services based on minimum order values or cart weight, set minimum or maximum postage calculations and even customise rates based on certain product profiles.

Custom Rate Rules are included on our Pro and Advanced plans.  To start setting up custom rules for your store, from the Addition app:

  1. In the left side menu, select "Rules & Automations"
  2. Select the "Rates Custom Rules"
  3. Select "Create Rule"
  4. Here you have the option of starting a rule from scratch, or using one of helpful templates where you can edit and update the triggers and/or actions as needed

Example of available "Triggers":

Example of available "Actions":