Fulfilment error: I can't save my shipment?

If you have created a fulfilment group and moved to the first step of 'Creating shipments', a common reason the shipment will not save is because you need to resync 'Locations'.

The Addition app needs the most recent 'Locations' data from Shopify in order to create shipments.

Locations are physical places you ship your products from. In Shopify you can specify multiple locations if you need, for example if you have multiple stores, a popup or have a warehouse that you ship from separate to your office.

At some point you might have updated your locations if you moved store, opened another store, or moved warehouse etc.


How to resync your locations

  1. From your Addition dashboard, click Settings, then Locations.

  2. Then click Resync Locations.

  3. Make sure to set a 'Default' location against your preferred address, if you have multiple locations

Congratulations, your locations are now synchronised across both platforms.