Shipment Automations - Set up guide

Shipment Automation Rules are only included with our Pro, Pro Plus and eParcel Plus plans.

The Shipment Automations feature of Addition, lets you define your preferences for how Addition should handle your shipments. You can establish default settings such as whether to leave packages, require a signature for delivery, use Express Post exclusively, or choose packaging based on the total order weight.

By setting up these automations, you reduce the chances of mistakes and eliminate the need to individually decide how to send each shipment. Everything is taken care of automatically.

To begin configuring automations for your store using the Addition app:

  1. Navigate to the left-hand menu and choose "Rules & Automations."
  2. Click on "Create Rule."
  3. Here, you can either create a rule from the ground up or choose from our pre-designed templates that you can customise and adjust as necessary.

Example of available "Triggers" and "Actions":