Split packages, partial fulfilment and printing multiple labels for one order

You can absolutely print two separate labels for one order with the Addition app or sometimes known as 'splitting packages', the same steps will apply if you are doing a partial fulfilment while waiting for the remaining stock to arrive.

The process differs depending on what account you connect with Addition.

MyPost Business users:

  • During the create shipment step, edit the number of products you want in the first package
  • Select a package
  • Click save - this creates the first shipment
  • Next, select 'Create shipment' text in blue


  • Edit the Product Quantity you want in the second package, select a package and save - and so on
  • You will see multiple shipments saved against the one order, e.g.Screenshot_2023-03-07_at_8.01.49_pm.png

eParcel users:

  • The process is similar to the above steps, as in you need to edit the number of products in each parcel, however because of the eParcel configuration, you have an 'Add parcel' option
  • During the create shipment step, click 'Add Parcel' (each click = one parcel)
  • Edit the quantity of products in each parcel, starting with Parcel 1
  • Select a package
  • Edit the quantity of products for Parcel 2
  • Select a package
  • Continue until the complete order contents have been allocated a parcel
  • Only then, click Save
  • For eParcel users, one shipment will be created with two (or more) article IDs/tracking numbers e.g.Screenshot_2023-03-07_at_7.53.15_pm.png