Apply a surcharge to rate calculations

Important note: AustraliaPost has added a 40% levy on shipments to and from Western Australia. 
It came into effect starting 28th November 2022, but Australia Post has not updated its API that we at Addition use to calculate rates. This means the 40% (ex GST) levy will not be reflected at the checkout for your customers.

The WA Emergency Service fee is temporary and will apply to all articles lodged for interstate delivery into, or from, Western Australia for eParcel Parcel Post and StarTrack Road Express.


Please note :

MyPost Business Customers

The WA Emergency Service levy will not be applicable to MyPost Business customers.


If this levy applies to you and you want to offset this levy by passing it on to your customers, we have built an option in the Settings section of Addition, to add a percentage surcharge to the shipping calculations.

  1. From the Addition app, click into Settings on the left hand panelScreenshot_2022-12-02_at_3.58.14_pm.png
  2. Click into 'Surcharges'
  3. Add the surcharge percentage and select 'Set surcharge' to save changes.




In case you have any further questions we recommend reaching out to your Australia Post account manager.