1. Select Account type and Rates

Before we get started, in order for the app to calculate shipping rates:

  1. You need to connect either Retail, MyPost Business, eParcel or StarTrack rates 
  2. You need to create, and setup your packages within Addition
  3. You must have weights assigned to your products in Shopify
  4. Configure your product dimensions (Especially if you have multiple sized parcels)

Rate Setup Guide

Upon first install on the Homepage you have the option to ‘Set up Shipping Rates with Addition’ - click on ‘Get Started’, and you will be taken through, step by step.  Going through the guide is the easiest way to get started.


Manual Setup Guide

  1. From the Addition dashboard click 'Rates'
    • If prompted to, click 'Install Carrier' here Screen_Shot_2022-10-01_at_6.52.58_pm.png
  2. Click 'Setup' next to the account type(s) you want to connect to your checkout (Retail, MyPost, eParcel or StarTrack)
  3. Select 'Use Account'
  4. Select 'Add rate'
  5. Scroll through and select rates e.g. Express Post, Parcel Post and if a signature option or transit/Extra cover (insurance) will be offered to customers at the checkoutmceclip0.png
  6. Click the green 'Add rates' button to save

Tip: For Retail and MyPost Business, the Domestic services are at the top, scroll right down to select International services.

Tip: If you want to display Australia Post flat rates, i.e. you use packages from the "If it packs, it posts" range - ensure to select rates with either satchel or box in the name.

Nicely done! Below is an example of what the Rates page will look after you've selected the rates.  This screen summarises what your customers will see at checkout depending on their location:


In this screenshot example; Domestic customers will be able to choose from Express Post, Parcel Post and Parcel Post with Signature.  International customers will be able to select either Economy Air, Express or Standard post.

Next step: Create Packages