1.1 Display Retail rates at checkout

Not all of our merchants want to display their discounted rates at the checkout, this strategy is very common.  Other merchants simply want the ability to show retail rates at the checkout as our primary service.

To display Retail rates at the checkout, you do not need an AusPost account.

  1. From the Addition dashboard click 'Rates'
    1. If promoted to, click 'Install Carrier' here Screen_Shot_2022-10-01_at_6.52.58_pm.png
  2. Next to Retail click 'Setup'Screen_Shot_2022-10-01_at_6.54.02_pm.png
  3. Select 'Add rate', and then click the green '+ Add rate' button
  4. Select all the rates you wish to show at the checkoutmceclip0.png
    • Tip: Domestic services are at the top, scroll right down to select the international services
    • If you want to display AusPost flat rates, i.e. "If it packs, it posts" - ensure to select rates with either satchel or box in the name
  5. Select 'Add rates' to save