Begin an eParcel fulfillment using Addition

Once you're setup for order fulfillment you can create a fulfillment group to start fulfilling your orders. Work through this series of guides to learn the eParcel fulfillment process.

Step 1: Begin a fulfillment

  1. From the Addition dashboard click Orders.
    Here you will see a list of all current orders, whether they have been fulfilled or not. They reflect exactly the list of orders in your Shopify store. Notice that unfulfilled orders have a yellow 'unfulfilled' tag next to them.
  2. From the list, select the orders you would like to include in this fulfillment group.
  3. Click Create new fulfillment group.
  4. Choose eParcel as the account for this fulfillment group, then give the fulfillment a title and click Save & View Fulfillment.

NEXT STEP: Create Shipments