Connect your ParcelSend/eParcel account to Addition

To fulfill orders, create delivery manifests & print labels using Addition you'll first have to connect your eParcel account to the app. In this article we'll step you through the process of connecting your eParcel account to Addition.

eParcel is a freight management tool from Australia Post which allows businesses to manage fulfillments, print labels, save on shipping costs, and also pay for their shipping online. You can use Addition to link these eParcel services with your Shopify store.

If you haven't already created your eParcel account you'll need to do that now at the ParcelSend/ eParcel site, then continue with the following instructions to get setup in Addition.

First you need to connect your eParcel account to the Shipping & Tracking API.

Once you've done that you can connect your eParcel account to your Addition account.

Connect your accounts

  1. Login to Addition at:
  2. From the dashboard click Settings, then Accounts.
  3. On the 'Accounts' page click Add Account.
  4. Choose the 'eParcel' platform.
  5. On the 'Create account' screen, fill in your eParcel account details.
  6. Enter anything you like in the 'Name' field, this is only used as an internal reference for yourself.
  7. Fill in your 'Customer/Account Number', 'API Key' & 'API Password', then click Save.

You're all set. Now that your eParcel account has been connected you should resync your locations, then you can create your first fulfillment.