How to print labels + Fulfill orders for MyPost Business

Once you've connected your MyPost Business account to Addition, you can create fulfilment groups and print labels for your shipments.

Work through this series of steps, or view the fulfilment demonstration below.

Begin a Fulfilment

  • From the Addition dashboard click Orders and select orders you want to fulfill. Here you will see a list of all current orders and their order status. This is a real-time reflection of orders in your Shopify store.
    • Unfulfilled orders have an orange 'Unfulfilled' tag next to them.
    • Valid addresses will have a green tick next to them, to correct an invalid address, click on the address and edit the mismatched postcode or suburb spelling etc.


  • From the list, select the orders you would like to include in your fulfilment group. (Note: a 'fulfilment group' is a group of orders which you are able to fulfil in one go using our app). 
  • Click Create new fulfilment group.
  • Choose the MyPost Business account you would like to use, then give the fulfilment a title and click Save & view group.

Next: Create a Shipment

  • From within the order group you are working on, click Create Shipments.
  • The first order in your fulfilment group will open.
  • On each order in the fulfilment group you can:
    • Fill in the shipment details for the order
    • Make changes to the postage service (Parcel Post, to Express Post for example)
    • Fill in details about insurance and if a signature is required
    • Change the package if needed

 *To automate any of these steps and set up 'default' settings please reach out to support

  • Click Save and move onto the next order by using the arrows to the top right of the screen. 

TIP: You can use keyboard shortcuts to navigate through the orders too. The 'J' key is the shortcut for the left arrow and the 'K' key is the shortcut for the right arrow.

  • Once you have worked through all the orders in the fulfilment group - navigate back to the fulfilment group page by clicking the back arrow in the top left corner of the screen.


Next: Pay & Print Labels

  • From within the fulfillment group you are working on, click Order Manifests.
  • You'll be taken to the list of un-manifested (unpaid) shipments. Click Select all.
  • Click Create Lodgement.
  • (Optional) Give the new lodgement a name and click Save
  • Then navigate back to the fulfillment group by clicking the link in the top left corner of the screen.

NOTE: If you can't move past the 'Create Lodgement' screen, it's likely you have a credit card error. This could be caused by insufficient funds, or an out of date credit/debit card linked to your MyPost Business account. If you need to update your card details follow our guide: Update your MyPost Business payment details.

  • The next step is to print shipping labels, click Shipping Labels.
  • You'll be taken to the list of shipments you just created. Click Select all to select all of the shipments. Alternatively, individually select the shipments you'd like to print labels for.
  • Click Create Labels.
  • (Optional) Give your labels a title and click Save.
    • The labels you just created will show as a PDF file, where you download to save or print them.

Final Step: Fulfil orders

Once you have created your labels and shipments are ready to send, you should mark your orders as 'fulfilled' in Addition (the Addition app will also update the status in Shopify).

  • If it's not already open, navigate to the fulfillment group you're working on by clicking Fulfillments on the left navigation menu of Addition, and selecting the fulfillment you need.
  • Next to 'Fulfill orders in Shopify' click Fulfill Orders.
  • Here is a list of orders making up the fulfillment group.
  • Select all orders, or individually if you need to fulfil orders at different times, click Fulfill Items.
  • You will see a 'Congratulations!' page. Your products will now be fulfilled in Shopify and your customers will be notified with tracking details.

Congratulations, you have completed the MyPost Business fulfillment process!