About MyPost Business order fulfillment

If you have a MyPost Business account you can use Addition to create shipments, print labels, pay for your shipping and mark orders fulfilled in Shopify.

MyPost Business is a free account with Australia Post which allows businesses to manage fulfillments, print labels, save on shipping costs, and also pay for shipping online.
Our app acts as the link between your MyPost Business account and your Shopify store. Addition imports your customer orders from Shopify, allowing you to easily print labels and manage the fulfillment process.


The Order Fulfillment Process

The MyPost Business order fulfillment follows these steps:

  1. Begin your fulfillment (Select the orders and create a fulfillment group)
  2. Create Shipments (Check your order addresses and create shipments for them)
  3. Order Manifests (Create a MyPost Business order and automatically pay via the card saved to your Australia Post account)
  4. Shipping Labels (Print your shipping labels)
  5. Fulfill Orders (Mark your orders as fulfilled)


Get setup for order fulfillment

To use the app for order fufillment you'll need to first:

  1. Open a MyPost Business account, if you don't already have one. Find out everything you need to know at the Australia Post MyPost Business page.
  2. Connect your MyPost Business account with your Addition account.
  3. Sync your locations between your Shopify store and Australia Post Shipping account.

Once you're setup for order fulfillment, you are ready to begin your first fulfillment.