Create, edit or delete a Shipment for MyPost Business fulfilment

After beginning your MyPost Business fulfilment, the next step is to validate customer addresses and create shipments. Scroll to the bottom of this page for editing or deleting a shipment.

Create Shipments

1. From within the order group you are working on, click Create Shipments.

2. The first order in your fulfilment group will open.

3. On each order in the fulfilment group you need to:

  • Check the customer's address is valid. Look for the green notification 'Address valid' above the recipient address map. If there's a problem click Edit Address and update.
  • Fill in the shipment details for the order.

You can make changes to the postage service and choose the best parcel for the shipment, as well as fill in details about insurance and if a signature is required.

Click Save when you are done.

NOTE: You can add multiple shipments to your order, for example if the items making up the order need to be shipped separately.

You can also auto-fill the parcel size and weight by pre-saving templates of your most commonly used packaging. Follow our guide Create a Package to find out how it's done.

4. When you have checked the address and added a shipment for the first order, navigate to the next order using the arrows to the top right of the screen. You'll use these to work through each order in the fulfillment group. If you have only included one order in your fulfillment group these arrows will be greyed out.

TIP: You can use keyboard shortcuts to navigate through the orders too. The 'J' key is the shortcut for the left arrow and the 'K' key is the shortcut for the right arrow.


5. Once you have worked through all the orders in the fulfilment group - checking their addresses and adding shipment details to each - navigate back to the fulfilment group by clicking the back arrow in the top left corner of the screen.


NEXT STEP: Print shipping labels


How to edit a shipment

This is a feature we're working on, for now you'll need to delete your shipment and fill in the new details.

How to delete a shipment

  1. To delete a shipment open the fulfilment group containing the shipment.
  2. Select the order from the list.
  3. Scroll down to the shipment
  4. Click Actions on the right of the shipment.
  5. Click Delete on the right hand side of the shipment.