Resync Locations in Addition

Locations are physical places you ship your products from. In Shopify you can specify multiple locations if you need, for example if you have multiple stores, a popup or have a warehouse that you ship from separate to your office.

You might update your locations if you move store, open another store, or rent a warehouse to start shipping from.

If you do update your locations in Shopify, you will need to resync these locations in Addition for these changes to be reflected in the app. The app needs to know about these changes so it can quote accurate shipping rates, fulfill orders and print 'sender details' on your shipping labels.

It's a good idea to resync locations when you first set up your Addition account.


How to resync your locations

  1. From your Addition dashboard, click Settings, then Locations.

  2. Then click Resync Locations.


Congratulations, your locations are now synchronised across both platforms.

If you are resyncing your locations for the first time as part of setting up your account, you are now ready to create your first fulfillment. Follow one of these guides to find out how:

For MyPost Business account holders:
Begin a MyPost Business fulfillment in Addition

For eParcel account holders:
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