How Locations work

Locations are a physical place you ship your products from. You can specify multiple locations if you need, for example if you have multiple stores, a pop-up site, or have a warehouse that you ship from separate to your office.
Setting up locations allows you to track your inventory, quote accurate shipping rates and print 'sender details' on your shipping labels.
If you move location, open another store, or rent a warehouse to start shipping from, you'll need to either add a location, or edit your locations.
Locations are added via your Shopify admin, and will be reflected in Australia Post Shipping once you Resync Locations.
You can edit locations via you Shopify admin or via Addition. Edits made in Shopify will be reflected in Addition once you Resync Locations. Edits made in Addition aren't reflected in your Shopify admin but they do override your Shopify settings. In other words, when the app is quoting rates to your customers at the checkout or using locations information for order fulfillment, it will preference location information you have input to Addition over the Shopify location information.
NOTE: If you click Resync Locations after you've made edits to your locations in Addition, those edits will be lost and all location settings will revert back to those you have setup in Shopify.


Setup your locations

Once you've installed Addition, you'll want to make sure your Locations are setup in the app, too.

  1. From the Addition dashboard, click Settings.

  2. Click Locations, then Resync Locations to refresh the list of locations.
    You'll see a refreshed list of the locations you have setup in your Shopify admin.


To find out more about Locations, read the Shopify article: Locations.