Shopify back up rates

Occasionally the connection between Shopify or Australia Post and third-party shipping apps like ours can break or time-out. In this case your customers won't have access to shipping rates when they are trying to checkout.

As of January 2023 Shopify has enabled Backup Shipping Rates as a mandatory safeguard to help stop customers abandoning their order due to these breaks.

Backup shipping rates will only be shown to customers who aren’t able to complete their checkout due to the CarrierService timeouts.

This is how it works for a merchant:

  • If a third party shipping app is unable to respond within 10 seconds, the buyer will see a backup shipping rate that they can select to continue their checkout experience.
  • The backup rate surfaced to the customer is delivery profile and shipping zone specific and can be either a Shopify-powered or a merchant-customized backup rate.
  • When backup shipping rates are used to complete an order, the merchant will see a banner on the order page to inform them that backup rates were used.

If you have any queries about back up rates, please reach out to Shopify Support.