Offer free shipping based on item weight or order value

There are multiple ways to provide free shipping to your customers. If you're looking to provide 'conditional' free shipping (shipping based on an item's weight or the total value of your customer's basket) follow the guide below.

If you're looking to make certain items ship free, regardless of weight or order price, follow our guide Enable free shipping in Shopify.

How to offer conditional free shipping

  1. Go to your Shopify dashboard. For example:

  2. Click Settings > Shipping and delivery.

  3. Then click Manage rates on your 'General shipping' profile, or a shopping profile containing products you wish to offer conditional free shipping on.

  4. Scroll down to the 'Shipping to' section and click Add rate for the zone you'd like to work in.
    In this example we're only offer free shipping in Australia so we click Add rate in the 'Domestic' zone.

  5. In the 'Add rate' box leave 'Set up your own rates' selected.

  6. Choose a shipping speed, and give the rate a name (eg 'Free') and leave the price at zero.

  7. Then click Add conditions. Here you can choose between the condition of the item weight or the order price.
    In this example we want to offer free shipping on orders over $100 so we select 'Based on order price' and set the minimum price to $100.

  8. Then click Done, and make sure to Save your changes.

  9. Don't forget to add free rates & conditions to other zones if you need to.

Now any customers checking out in your Shopify store with orders that meet the condition you specified will receive free shipping.