Rate Conditions

Rate conditions are parameters you can set for each rate, which adjust the shipping rate if a customer's order meets the specified conditions.

When setting up custom rates in Shopify you can set rate conditions on 'free' and 'flat' rates, based on the weight of the item or the total price of the order.

You could use conditions to:

  • offer free or discounted shipping on orders over a certain value.

  • charge extra for excessively heavy orders.

  • cap the rate based on the weight of the items in a customer's cart.

  • create a minimum shipping rate.

To set up custom rates you'll use Shopify's default flat rates, not Australia Post rates using our app.

NOTE: It is not possible to add rate conditions to 'carrier calculated' rates - this means you cannot apply rate conditions to your Australia Post rates.


How to add conditions to rates

  1. Go to your Shopify dashboard. For example: storename.myshopify.com

  2. Click Settings, then Shipping and delivery.

  3. Then click Manage rates on a shipping profile.

  4. Scroll down to the 'Shipping to' section and click Add rate for the zone you'd like to work in.

  5. In the 'Add rate' box leave 'Set up your own rates' selected.
    Remember, setting conditions is only possible for custom rates, not Australia Post rates provided by our app.

  6. Choose the 'Shipping speed' and enter a 'Price'.

  7. Then click Add conditions. Here you can choose for the condition to either be based on the item weight or the order price.
    In this example we want to create a flat rate for all orders over 2kg so we select 'Based on item weight' and set the 'Minimum weight' to 2kg.
    We could also cap the weight that this rate is offered to by setting a 'Maximum weight'.

  8. Then click Done, and make sure to Save your changes.


Now any customers checking out in your Shopify store with orders that meet the conditions you specified will see your custom shipping rates with those conditions.

Since you are probably using our app to provide Australia Post rates, these custom rates will display along side the Australia Post rates, so your customer can choose which one they'd like.

Read our article: Using Australia Post rates and Shopify rates at the same time to find out more.