2. Create a package

The packages feature in Addition allows you to set up multiple packages and record details such as their weight and dimensions.

Why create packages? Creating packages is what enables the app to quote more accurate shipping rates for your customers at checkout while also helping to speed up your fulfilment process.

You must have packages in Addition to show rates at the checkout.

How to create a package

  • From the Addition dashboard click Packaging, then Create package.

  • The 'Create package' screen will walk you through the process of adding the details about your package. Only options relevant to you will become available.
  1. First, give your new package a name.
  2. Next, choose which platforms you'll use this package for (Retail / MyPost Business, eParcel and/or StarTrack). If you don't have a MyPost Business, eParcel or StarTrack account, choose the Retail / MyPost Business option.
  3. Then, choose which zones this packaging is for (Domestic and/or International)
  4. Select the purpose of the package: Order Fulfillment and/or Customer Checkout. Note that if you select 'Order Fulfillment' the package will become available during the fulfilment process. If you select 'Customer Checkout' the package will be considered as an option when calculating shipping rates at checkout. You have the option to select both. 
  • Now, if the option is available to you, select your packaging type: Australia Post Packaging or My Own Packaging.

    NOTE: If you selected StarTrack as a platform for the package, you'll lose the option to choose the packaging type because StarTrack doesn't use Australia Post packaging.


The next part of the process will be different depending on if you choose to use Australia Post's standard packaging, or if you choose to use your own packaging. Note also that if you didn't select 'Customer Checkout', some of the options below won't display for you, if they are not required.

If you choose 'Australia Post packaging'...

  1. Simply select from the range of Australia Post preset packages (padded mailer, recycled padded bag, mailing tube, etc).

  2. Define your base weight and weight limit (optional).

  3. Add a markup to the packaging (optional).

  4. Click Save when you are done.

    create_package_3.png 'Australia Post Packaging' fields

If you choose 'Own packaging':

  1. Fill in your Outer Dimensions.

  2. Keep 'Package inner and outer measurements are equal.' selected if this is true. If not deselect this box and fill in separate Inner Dimensions.

  3. Define the base weight (the weight of the empty package), and select or deselect the option 'Use maximum platform weight allowance'.

  4. Add a markup to the package (optional).

  5. Click Save when you are done.

    create_package_4.png 'Own Packaging' fields

Congratulations, you've set up a package!