Check all of your products have weights in Shopify

Australia Post works on weight-based rates, so it's very important that your items have weights assigned to them. Without any weights the app can't determine any shipping rates.

One of the most common solutions to our customers' support questions is to make sure they have filled in the weight for each item. Whether you've just installed the app or you are having a problem with your rates not displaying correctly, an important step is to make sure all of your items have weights.

We'll show you how you can quickly check all of your item weights. Follow the guide below.

How to check if all of your items have weights assigned to them

  1. Open you Shopify store dashboard. For example:
  2. Click Products.
  3. Select all products.

  4. Click Edit products.
  5. You will see a list of all of your products where you can quickly edit their price and other fields. Click Add field, and choose Weight.

  6. With weights now displaying you can scroll through the list of your products and see any that do not have weights assigned. Click and type in any weight fields you would like to update. You can use this same process to bulk edit your weights, and prices too.

    IMPORTANT: Take note of what unit you are entering weights in. Are you entering your weight in kilograms or grams? If entering the weight in grams, make sure not to enter a value with a decimal point, Australia Post does not accommodate amounts of less than 1 gram.

  7. Click Save at the top right when you are done.