Uninstall application & cancel subscription

Whether you are simply trialling the app or you'd like to switch to a new app, you might need to remove Addition from your store and stop your subscription.

Shopify makes it very easy for you to cancel apps directly in your Shopify admin. Follow these steps to cancel an application subscription and remove the app.

How to remove app and cancel subscription

  1. Navigate to your store admin. For example: storename.myshopify.com

  2. Go to Settings

  3. Click into 'Apps and sales channels' on the left-hand side panel

  4. Find the app which you want to remove and click 'Uninstall' Screenshot_2023-01-11_at_12.44.05_pm.png

  5. Confirm the uninstall by clicking the red Delete button in the popup box.


You have now uninstalled the Addition app and have cancelled your subscription.