Why aren't my rates showing or calculating correctly?

If you're unsure about the rates you're seeing at your store's checkout, or if an error message appears when customers try to check out, this could be down to a number of reasons in your Shopify and Addition settings.  Here's a checklist to help you troubleshoot this! 

Rates not showing:

In Shopify:

  1. Do you have any Shipping Profiles in your settings that could interfere with your Australia Post rates? e.g. products are in the wrong profile and Addition isn't set up as a carrier for that zone
  2. Have you input weights for your products in your Shopify Dashboard? If you do not have weights associated with your products, our app cannot provide a rate at checkout. 
  3. Have you ensured that your products are set to physical products, not service or digital products?
  4. Product settings i.e. Product inventory location vs Shipping from locations match

In Addition:

  1. Have you set up your rates in Addition
  2. Do you have the right packages set up in Addition? This applies especially if you're using BYO packaging and prepaid packages from the post office.
    • Make sure that your packages are the correct size, and can accomodate the dimensions of your products

Inaccurate rates:

  1. Have you input dimensions for all your products in Addition? The more accurate you are in providing the app with this information, the more accurate your rates will be.
  2. Do you have any Shipping profiles that are 'blending' your rates together?  With Shipping profiles, when products 'live' in different profiles, Shopify will take the shipping rate, one from each profile and 'blend' them together, causing an inaccurate shipping rate (identifiable by a shipping description of "Shipping", rather than "Parcel Post" or "Express Post" etc).
  3. If you are a:

    • Retail user, have you checked what your correct rates should be via Australia Post's calculator?  

    • MyPost Business user, have you checked what your correct rates should be via the latest MyPost Business Rates & Savings Guide
    • eParcel or StarTrack user, have you checked your contract to know what your correct rates should be? 
  4. Have you deleted Shopify's default rates

Tips when testing your checkout

Are you testing your store by putting items into your cart and proceeding through checkout to the point where it calculates shipping?

  • If the rates are not showing at this point, it could be because the delivery address you have used is not real or is the same as the address you set your products to dispatch from. Try again using a real address that is not your own dispatch location.
  • Test in an incognito browser, or clear your browser cookies and cache.  Often the Shopify cache will keep prompting an error message, even when you have fixed the settings within Addition and/or Shopify.
  • Try using a different address every time you test the checkout; this forces Shopify to send a new shipping calculation request to our app.

If you've worked through all these steps and are still having trouble with your rates, we recommend you turn back up rates on and please contact our support team