I've installed the app but nothing happened / it's not working

If you have installed Addition to your Shopify store but something's not right, or it seems like it's not working for you, try these things:

  • Check that you have deleted Shopify's default rates. See Delete Shopify's default rates.

  • Weights are important, Check all of your items have weights.

  • Check your products are in the correct Shipping profiles.

  • Check your products are set to Physical products, not service or digital products.

  • Are you testing your store by putting items into your cart and proceeding through checkout to the point where it estimates shipping? If the rates are not correct at this point it could be because the delivery address you have used is not real or is the same as the address you set your products to dispatch from. Try again using a real address and is not your own dispatch location.

If none of the above have worked we recommend you contact our support team.